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Tuesday, 23 October 2012



      When a planet sits in a Rasi,the results are modified according to
its characteristics. If the Rasiyathipathi / Lord of the signis posited in it will manifest the results.Malefic planets occupying ascendant aspects on the planets change nature, brings out latent bad qualities into action.
A benefic in ascendant mitigate evils and enhances the good effects. The signs are discussed  in  detail  as t hese  from  the basis of analysis of horoscopes.
                      MESHA RASI or ARIES
   This first sign is from 0˚to 30 ˚.Fiery by nature, sterile , movable, masculine and is  of  short  ascension.  Head  and face of the body are represented by this rasi,  ruled  by  Mars.  Surya is exalted and sani debilitated. Its symbol  is  two  rams striking each other. main idea in this Rasi   essentially  is  action,  rash  nature,  combative, lascivious, springy and hardy. Spirit of fighting and defending, to face resistance from within  due  to  thamo   guna. Compete, rival, cope with another, contend, struggle for or against are the basic ideas also.
     Natives  born  in  the  sign of Aries, have lean and muscular body, middle stature,  neither  thick  nor stou rudy complexion, long face and neck,  broad  head  and  narrow  at  the chin. Mark or scar on the fore head, bushy eyebrow, rough or  wiry hair varying in colour from dark to sandy, sometimes going bald. Eyes grey to grayish brown. They will be ambitious,     activity,  courage,  energy,  impulsiveness  and   lover of independence.  Aries  born  persons are ambitious, rash and aggressive. They are of simple,  frank  and  of outspoken nature, well disposed and capable  of  holding  command  in  executive   positions.   They have no organizing  capacity  but  can  guide  and   control   others.   They are independent, brave , venturesome  generous, to some extent extravagance. Also  well  informed,  ingenious  zealous,  dogmatic  in  their opinions, remarkable for sudden changes  and  quick  actions and have progressive tendency. Life will be full of struggle and fortune is variable. Ardent in politics  and  religion.  Travelling  in   life  is imminent. Relatives are unfavourable,  and  the  family  ties  are sometimed  strained, frequent changes in residence,  having  a  few children. They marry early and in hurry. There  will be no darth of enemies, but will be conquerer of them. They will  succeed  best  in  vocations   requiring quick action, decision, executive or mechanical ability and responsibility.
       Arians,  generally enjoy good health and have power of resistance to the diseases. They are prone to minor injuries and serious and serious accidents  particularly  to the head. So they should avoid rash driving. They are liable to suffer from headaches, burns, inflammatory diseases, brain affliction, collie pains,  high fever, pimples, paralysis, insomnia and small pox etc.
      They should take plenty of rest and sleep. Green vegetables and good food is must for them. They should relax, control their feelings, avoid worry,  excitement  and  anger.  They  are not meant for amazing wealth inspite  of  their  strong desires. Extravagant, which be avoided. They may lose  money  through  impulsive actions and rash investments. If evil planets occupy , Aries,  indicate  that they start in a flash and  end in a crash, their budget always remain as unbalanced. They should think calmly and seriously before taking any action.
       They  are  extremely  frank  and  enthusiastic  in love, their good nature and charm  attract  the  opposite sex. Of practical views, lasting affection, freedom  and  adventure  in  love  are their basic traits. They should   soften  their   dominant   nature, to  be  happy,  should not be impatient and emotional.
      Arian wives are witty, intelligent and independent, zealous, proud and   always  speak  high   of their domestic environments, appearance, own family but prove to be a good host. They expect that their  husbands should   look   after  them   well,  speak   high and never  praise others especially in their presence,  They love the man if they  can admire him. Generally   Arian  wives  over  ride  and  over  power   their husbands, aggressive and are very romantic. They can be controlled with tact and patience.
    Husbands are very desirable  partners, usually they select beautiful, clever and good wives. Generous on  bountiful, romantic but spendthrift. Rash  and  passionate.
   If we  see  about  their domestic  environments, they have a good and clean house, good  friends  and  excellent   hosts.   Love their home and family. Many friends are the weakness of  Arians and are cheerful. In order to  have  a  happy  home,   they  should avoid rash temperament, criticism of  each  other  and   not  to  be more impulsive and impatient.
       Professions  connected  with  Army,   defence,  Surgeons, police, chemist,  law,  iron  and  steel, machines, factories, industry or sports goods are best suited for them. 

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